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Hortiscapes can professionally install your dream landscape, regardless of the level of difficulty.  We excel in the construction of timber, stone and modular block retaining walls.  We have the expertise to make your landscape walls work efficiently with your plan.  If a decorative patio is in your idea of a perfect landscape, let us construct a stone or paver patio/walkway to compliment your landscape.  The guests that you entertain will be full of envy.  The construction of a water feature can add a huge impact to any landscape plan.  With the installation of a pond/waterfall, you will create a whole new focal point for your landscape.  Ponds yield endless amounts of relaxation and enjoyment.  After we finish constructing your amazing new hardscape, we can enhance its beauty by installing a variety of lush landscape plants.  Plant installation is very important in tying together the entire landscape project.  Irrigation on the planted areas is the best way to ensure healthy greenery.  Regardless of the extent of your landscape plan, contact us for a free estimate.




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